The one where I forgot I had a hickey on my neck!


This one time my boyfriend and I were in bed and things were getting hot and heavy. He kissed me all over my neck and of course, gave me a hickey while he was at it. Later, when I went home, I obviously made sure that I hid my neck with a stole. Now you must be wondering, what’s the embarrassing part here? Well, I’m a carefree person and after a few hours passed, I forgot that I have a hickey on my neck. I changed into my tee and went to the kitchen to help out my mom. The moment I stood facing her, she saw those hickey marks and man, she was in a state of shock. She kept asking me – What is this? Do you have a boyfriend? What all have you been doing? And I just stood still. I had to tell her that I was with a guy and so she took his number and called him. She told him to stay away from me and told me to stay away from him. We eventually broke up, not because of the hickey incident, but because of other reasons. But seriously, this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

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