Hickeys no more!


This happened when I was in 12th standard. Both my parents were working and so one day, I decided to bunk school to meet my boyfriend. I asked him to come over to my place, as soon as my parents left. Once he was there, one thing led to another and we were soon making out. After we were done, we ate, watched a movie and then he left. Later in the evening I was supposed to go to a family function with my parents. My outfit was already decided – it was V neckline kurta. And as soon as I got into it, I realized I had a hickey below my neck. And guess what? My mom walked in right when I saw that mark. She looked at me and asked me what is this? I had to lie saying it happened with my hair iron. But girls, moms know everything. She obviously understood but chose to ignore it. Ever since, my boyfriend isn’t allowed to give me hickeys on my neck.


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