From the no-makeup girl, to the red lipstick kinda girl!


Before I start narrating the incident, I have to point out two things. First, that I was among the few girls at my new workplace, who came to office sans makeup. Second, that I scar easily. And by easily, I mean, even a slight pinch on my arm leads to a bruise that lasts for days. Coming to the point – it was one wild make-out session with my then boyfriend, on an otherwise boring Sunday evening. There was some gentle biting here and there, nothing that any of us (from past experience) thought could lead to a full-fledged hickey. I reached back home just in time for dinner. My maid opened the door and instantly asked me how I’d hurt my lip! Yes, I had the darkest and largest hickey starting on my lower lip that extended slightly outside of it too. Come Monday morning and I was worried sick, wondering how I’d cover up that hickey from my colleagues and the boss! This is when a bold red lipstick came to the rescue. I outlined my lips in a way that had almost the entire mark covered, and filled that in with lipstick. Getting this hickey eventually earned my boyfriend some brownie points from my end. This is when I realized how much a blood red lipstick suited me! I got compliments from almost everyone at office that day, and on the next few days too. So, getting that hickey wasn’t so bad after all! *Wink*

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